Hong Kong, Cupcakes and Kitties!


Hello Kitty Air

We take a quick 2 day trip to Hong Kong to get new visas and see what Hong Kong has to offer.  Taiwanese people have Hello Kitty mania. Girls wear Hello Kitty bows in their hair.  Thick lens-less glasses are all the rage among hipsters.  The most popular styles are black rims with hello kitty whiskers and bow.  We walk though Eva Airlines’ Hello Kitty terminal in Taipei for departure.


Hello Kitty Airport Terminal

Of course the airplanes themselves also have Hello Kitty and friends emblazoned on the sides, complete with Hello Kitty pillows and blankets.

We have only a few goals for our 2 days in Hong Kong.  Relax in our private room with internet, take in some sights, eat a cupcake and document.


Stu’s entry for dudeseatingcupcakes blog

Unfortunately the https://dudeswithbeardseatingcupcakes.tumblr.com/ blog hasn’t been updated since October 10, so it’s not likely we will see Stu there.


View from our hotel room overlooking Kowloon Bay


Urban growth




Street life in Kowloon



Neon lights

Neon signs are the most popular here.  I always appreciate the handmade care that goes into the artistry of neon.  Our time in Hong Kong goes by too quickly, but we need to get back to our schooling in Taipei.  Back to the Hello Kitty airport we go!

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4 Responses to Hong Kong, Cupcakes and Kitties!

  1. Erin says:

    Gorgeous! Meow :3

  2. James says:

    lol at hello kitty airport

    lets start a new bearded cupcake blog

    • Mags says:

      haha! Yeah! I’m for it except we’re barely keeping up with our travel blog. I would put in some effort once we are somewhere stable. I will definitely promote once if you made it!

  3. sheila says:

    We saw that terminal, and ran right past it.

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