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Festivals, Rites and Rituals

We have now been in Taiwan for 11 weeks, only a couple more weeks left before we head to Japan!  Our days are filled with Chinese studies as Stu shared last week and time with family and friends. The months … Continue reading

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Tips for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Author’s note to the reader: This post deviates from the standard on this blog as it is mostly text and is a guide for other learners rather than a story about our travels. We’ve included striking signs for your amusement.  … Continue reading

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Finding Nature in Taipei’s Metropolis- Part 2

My daily commitments require me to move no more than 40 feet in a tiny small apartment.  Luckily Fuzhou Mountain Park is a 15 minute walk  from our home.  For centuries this mountain was a gravesite.  The state is gradually … Continue reading

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