The Beautiful Skies of Colorado


Sunrise in Berthoud

After my bike accident, we considerably shortened our list of places to visit.  From the Mid-West we fly in to scenic Colorado on our way West to visit new additions to our friends and family.  We stay a few days with Cousins Alex and Lisa and their two boys, Zac, 4 and Evan, 1.5 in Berthoud, CO.  Almost three years ago, Zac honored us by being Ring Boy in our wedding ceremony.  Their home sits on 2 acres of land near active ranches and a reservoir for fishing and country strolling.  The sunrise views are spectacular from their home. Luckily our visit overlaps with my Dwayi (Aunt Amy). We catchup and I practice my Minan Taiwanese conversation skills with her. We goof around a sculpture park, play policeman with the boys, and meet up with Dhiren, a San Francisco friend.


Riding on a pig with Zac and Evan


Three on a bike




Evan, Dhiren, Zac, Mags, and Stu


Lisa, Evan, Alex, Zac, Mags and Stu. Zac likes the smell of a wine cork.

 We head to Fort Collins in our rental car to visit the famous New Belgian Brewery.  They ply tour goers with five brew samplings as we walk through the solar powered factory.  This was the best factory tour either of us have been on for an immersion in flavor, business culture, history and fun.  The brewery is covered with bicycle and beer themed artwork, eco-concious construction, as well as employee happiness perks.  New Belgian really brings fun into the workplace, as evidenced by foos ball and ping pong tables, climbing walls, a free bike to every employee, and my personal favorite, the simple option of taking a slide instead of walking down stairs from the offices.


Shift was named partly in honor of the shift beer employees get at the end of their work shift.


Well stocked bar fridge. 12 take home bottles per week, per employee.


bottling plant



Beer aging in whiskey barrels gives it a scotch-like oak flavor.


Aging barrels with rock wall in background.  No drinking allowed while on the rock wall.

We spend a few days with Aimee, Rowan, baby Ridge, and Grandnanny Linda in Highlands Ranch, which has been described by many as “the Irvine of Colorado.”   Ridge, who was about three months old when we were there, is built like a hamhock and eats constantly.  We hang out, eat food, and laugh a lot.


Ridge, Aimee, and Rowan




Decadent Vegan Ho Ho at Watercourse in downtown Denver.  All of our vegetarian meals were artistically presented and delicious.


View out back from Rowan and Aimee’s


We go for a day hike at Garden of the Gods.


Mags Rocks


Colorado has the most beautiful skies

We then spend a few nights at Angela’s place in Longmont.  Angela and I have been online friends for over 10 years but this was our first time meeting in person. It was lovely to finally meet in the flesh.  She took us on a tour of the air traffic control tower where she works.  It was so cool to see what goes on behind the scenes of air travel every day.  Of course we were not allowed to take photos or use our phones in the tower, for security/safety purposes.


Cute hand painted ceramics by Angela.  We love Tortoro!


What allergies? Stu with Ayan

One of my dance company friends from Irvine moved to Colorado.  We caught up with Yamila and her new husband Gene over Tapas dinner at Mediteranean.


Yamila, Mags, Angela, Stu, and Gene

Colorado wows with scenic vistas at every turn.  We had a great time catching up and getting to know the little ones.  We will come back to visit, most likely by train!


Stu travels by train.

More photos here

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