Touring Taiwan with Family, and Cheap Eats

Things have been very busy with classes and family events.  Sorry we’ve been slacking on posts.  Coming soon are posts on Rites and Rituals, Chinese language and more.  Here is a little tidbit of what we have been up to lately.


Handsome Groom with flowers.  Our cousin Da Bing waits for his bride.



Lunch for two with rice, soup, and sweet winter melon tea for 80NT about $2.50 US


Mags’s 97 year old Agung  (Grandfather)


Treasure Hill Artists Village, perhaps one of the oldest artists villages, next to 300 year old Treasure Hill Temple



At the Love Bridge, TamSui, Taiwan


Red bean egg yolk pastries, one of Mags’s favorite sweet treats. Jung Sing Bakery, Kaoshiong, Taiwan.  My mom used to go to this bakery on her way home from school as a little girl.



Mags ready for flight on the High Speed Rail from Kaoshiong to Hsinchu (about 190 km/h for 1 hour and 20 minutes)


View from Taipei 101 Observatory deck on the 89th floor.

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