Natural Beauty of Taiwan

During the week, we live in a small apartment in what must be one of the most crowded cities in the world. Taipei is also home to many motor scooters, cars, subways, buses… all of which can leave one feeling a little detached from the wonders of nature.

Thankfully, if you look for them, natural areas are easily accessible.

A couple of weekends ago we went on a hike with a couple of Couch Surfers and their family to The Four Beasts, a series of 4 peaks overlooking the city.  We spend most of our time on Tige Mountain and Elephant Mountain.


The ladies in our hiking crew. From left: Maria, Mags, Orine, Darinka, and Crystal

The park was well-maintained, well-used, and had great exercise facilities. There were wide views, which surely would have been better on a clear day, and plenty of stairs to climb up.


We took a break to play on the gymnastics equipment.


Our hiking trail travels straight up a hodge podge of steps and rails made from electrical cords, rebar, poles, cane, carpet and an assortment of metal, plastic, and wood steps


We play at one of the many work out stations on Four Beasts Mountain. Maria after her simulating, painful and relaxing stone foot massage pathway walk. The Taiwanese version of Chinese medicine seems to have a pattern of intense initial discomfort with significant relief afterwards.


Typical cloudy day in Taipei

And while on the Chuang Family vacation during Grave Sweeping week we spent one day and night at Sun Moon Lake. What an amazing sunrise!


Misty sunrise over Sun Moon Lake



huge lotus blossom





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