Dashing Warriors, Caves and Trucks

Muddy Stu and Peter

Muddy Stu and Peter after 55 miles on bike and 5K with mud.

Ready for the Race!

After the ride. All dressed up and ready for the race!

Last week, we drove our remaining belongings down to Irvine in a 16 foot Budget truck.  Mags’s parents are kindly allowing us to turn her childhood bedroom into a storage unit for the next year.  The drive was long in both directions but it’s done!  All our furniture has been sold, given away or moved.  Now we are sleeping on the floor on sleeping pads and bags.  Getting close to our goal of one back pack per person.

Even as we get ready to go we still make time for local adventures.  Halloween weekend,  we rode 55 miles from San Jose to Gilroy for the Warrior Dash, followed by another 15 miles to our hotel. Peter and Stu ran the 5k with extreme obstacles; leaping over fire, running over cars, climbing up rope walls, and swimming through mud pits under barbed wire.  Mags documented for posterity.

Through 70+ miles we ended up with 4 flat tires, one broken derailer, and terror riding on the highway shoulder with limited lighting.

fixing flat#2

sliding down wedgie hill

In September we went cave spelunking near Angel Camp.  The Moaning Caverns are beautiful.  They are named for the moaning heard outside of the caverns.   We had a great time rappelling, squeezing and crawling through the tunnels.

Stu birthing from a cave crevice.


One week left in the San Francisco Bay!

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