Summer Updates-June


Yes, we realize that in many parts of the country October is Autumn, not Summer.  In San Francisco Summer comes in September and October, when the skies are clear, sunny and we can walk around in tank tops and sandals.  Now that both of us are officially FUNemployed we have a bit more time to write.  Summer has treated us very well with a few short town hunting trips, family vacations, and more.

Mags's bike, Marlena, overlooking China Camp State Beach

We packed light for bike camping.

We started in June with a bike camping trip to China Camp State Beach.  We had a group of 6 of us on the ride and spent 2 nights at China Camp.  Fantastic biking and hiking trails, lots of rolling green hills and oak groves.  This park was slated to close down September, but it is staying open on weekends until further notice.

Succulents, flowers, and moss on Mt.Shasta

Also in June, we ventured via Amtrak to Dunsmuir where we stayed with very nice CouchSurfers and explored to possibility of small town living.  Dunsmuir, population 10K, abounds with lush green beauty, hiking, farms, waterfalls and the Sacramento River.  Mt. Shasta is a short 20 minute drive away from this former logging town.  This waterfall was only a 10 minutes walk from our lodging!

Stu running near Hedgecreek Falls

Ben and Jess were fantastic hosts they even took us to nearby Stewart Hot Springs where you can get a private tub of mineral waters, saloon style!  Due to  long winter, the peak of Mt. Shasta still had enough snow to go sledding (Mags’s first time!)  We also heard some live music at the Dunsmuir Brewery.

We’ve checked off Dunsmuir from our cities list outside of the San Francisco Bay area.  We like it and could see ourselves being happy here.

Scenic overlook


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  1. Erin says:

    Very excited for you both in your ongoing adventures and upcoming travels. So inspiring to see you living the dream. See you soon

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