Things are chugging right along

The date of departure, December 13, is approaching quickly. In the mean time we are learning more about permaculture, which is, for most intents and purposes, a method of farming that we want to implement on our homestead. Mags has been increasing her knowledge of her women’s health specialty in physical therapy, most recently at a class in Portland.

As we come closer to departure our plans are falling slightly more into place. I (Stu) had an interview with an organization that is doing relief work in Haiti. They seemed interested in my IT skill set, but seemed to want more than the month that we are committing to Haiti. Also, they don’t generally directly employ volunteer physical therapists. And, since the two of us are a package deal, we will see if they still want us. I have written to two other volunteer organizations and also reached out through Couch Surfing, with nothing coming out of any of that so far. So, if the organization above doesn’t work out, we are considering volunteering in some other country instead. There are certainly plenty of places to go, and plenty of people that can use our skills!

The one plan that is absolutely set in stone is that we are taking the train cross-country again this year, although this time with a several-day stop in Austin, Texas to visit friends there. Our destination is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is close to my brother’s family, who we will be visiting for the holidays.

Our last days of work are on or about October 13, now. We’re really looking forward to having some down time and planning time in San Francisco without having to worry about going to work.


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