Bike tour: Vancouver to Orcas Island


Vancouver’s version of the Golden Gate Bridge

We leave San Francisco August 13th via train heading North to Vancouver with our bikes in boxes.  We love the relaxed and scenic views aboard the Coast Starlight, Amtrak line and the luxurious accommodations too.


Coast Starlight travels from Los Angeles to Seattle, by far the nicest train we have ridden.


Dining car friends, Sue and Bob from Chicago at breakfast


Tall redwoods, firs and sequoias of Northern California viewed trainside.


Beautiful Medowlands of Oregon


Enjoying the complimentary daily wine and cheese tasting in the Parlour car.

We have a brief overnight in Seattle to change trains and shortly arrive in Vancouver to visit our friend Dhiren.  He happily shows us the sights of Vancouver, B.C. by foot, car, and bike!


Dhiren and Stu ride around the City of Glass


Houseboats in the harbour


Anime Convention attendees elicit smiles by all who pass them.  I love walking around the city with cartoon characters.


Drag Diva Dildo Bongs all dressed up for Pride on Davie St., West End Vancouver


Stu and Dhiren at English Bay after biking around Stanley Park


Sunset on English Bay, Vancouver


After a few days of fun in beautiful B.C. we are eager to get the bike tour started!


Fully loaded and ready to do some miles.

We ride approximately 45 miles on the first day through Greater Vancouver to beautiful First Nation coastal lands…


and hop on three different ferries with a bit of riding in between


Ferry Mustering, Mustarding?

to arrive at Orcas Island!


Bossom Hills


More photos from this leg of our journey here

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7 Responses to Bike tour: Vancouver to Orcas Island

  1. Jodi Lin says:

    Sweeties!!!! So nice to see you having so much fun. What exciting lives you live!!!!

  2. Susie says:

    Hey! Let Paul and I know when you get to Vancouver. We live 2 hours north of there and will be working for 2 more weeks. We pass through often, and it would be great to see your faces again! Are you planning a trip to Vancouver island?

    • Susie says:

      oops. you were already here. let us know if you are in the area still.

      • Mags says:

        Aww, we were thinking of you and Paul as we ferried onto and off Vancouver Island after a few short hours. I’m surprised that you are off work so soon in the year. I thought you would be in the forest fighting fires, rescuing and the like. Will you be going back to Phylis in Costa Rica soon? We definitely want to see more of BC and Vancouver Island. Hopefully we can meet up one place or another!

      • Mags says:

        Oh BTW, redneck gourmet living looks pretty sweet!

  3. Erin says:

    Drag diva dildo bongs for the win!

    I took a picture of the same houseboats


  4. Hayden says:

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